An OpenLayers map with animated layers from GeoServer

An article describing the process of creating an experimental OpenLayers application using animated WMS layers from GeoServer. Data is obtained from NCDC's temperature database. Temperature is interpolated for United States, the interpolation is polygonized and then inserted into a spatial database, from which GeoServer can publish these polygons as an animated WMS layer.

wxWidgets symbol

wxWidgets for Swing Developers

A comparative tutorial for developers with a Swing background. The tutorial covers basic setup; application construction; absolute layout; flexible layout; event handling with event tables and event handling with Connect(). Every topic of the tutorial presents the same task with Swing and wxWidgets code to enhance comprehension.

A cockroach

3D Model Interaction with Java 3D

A pragmatic tutorial for developers who need to start developing Java 3D applications quickly. The tutorial covers model visualization; model loading; model branching; hierarchical modeling; views; lights; textures; materials; backgrounds and events. At the end of the tutorial, a cockroach will perform a simple binary movement using concepts presented throughout the lesson.