Ever since I moved to a different company in 2008 this blog has accumulated some dust. Moving away from scientific programming into a more traditional web programming world made it more difficult for me to stay in touch with the exciting world of scientific research, algorithms and so on. From 2010 onwards, I had the unique opportunity to start working with GIS programming in that same company. I fully embraced it for it was an opportunity to make use of my best skills in problem-solving, not to mention the pleasure of developing algorithms every now and then. The following posts will focus on my work as a GIS programmer: I will show some common algorithms I use at work, starting with the simplest one (segmentation of LineStrings) and ending with the most complex one (polygonization of raster sources to allow for vectorial manipulation). I will also mention some plugins I have developed for GeoServer (though they have not been publicized yet)

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